Is Google Preparing a VR Headset?

google-vr-cardboardRecently Google has been working with perfecting some of the VR accessibility issues, thus bringing it to the whole new level, away from the their cheap VR alternatives like Google Cardboard (which is a great device indeed, at least for what it intended).

Several famous Google attempts at work with improving VR include such known examples as Project Tango, which used VR technology to map out physical space. There is also the Daydream, of course, however it’s the Tango that isset to be released in headsets.

The way this technology works is something called the “immersive computing”, what it means is basically allowing computer to simulate the work patterns of an actual human brain!

For this, Google is partnering up with such well known giants like Qualcomm, HTC and Lenovo, together they plan to releave commercially available products.

Up until now the newest VR headset produced by Google is powered by Daydream. It uses a system called “WorldSense”, that allows motion tracking through front-facing edge-detecting cameras.

Now if this is the future we are heading to, it could mean that ones it comes, we can actually walk inside a YouTube video! Something to look forward to, right?