Android TV Screen Is a Serious Contender to Established Giants

(Photo credit: Google)

(Photo credit: Google)

An early demo of Android O was made available to some users in the recent weeks, and we’ve got their opinions. The first thing that’s easy to notice is that its UI is actually more comfortable to use than those of established brands — like Apple TV and Chromecast.

Android O lacks some functionality, of course, like Google Assistant — it’s not running on it yet, but it has beautiful groundwork already done.

Android TV is very akin to the likes of Fire TV and Xbox, as in, it allows to create separate channels which you then scroll through with live previews already prepared for you, helping you pick out a show you want to watch.

The traditional grid view is also available, which simply displays all apps you want it to display, allowing for an intuitive browsing experience.

Some ease-of-use features are also available, like saving Netflix shows for later with a held press of its icon. Content makers, however, can make this complicated as it’s opt-in, and they can choose not to be displayed in the Android TV listing, locking down their content to their own app.

It’s set to launch later this year.